All single parents have something in common – they struggle to go back into the dating world. What was once so simple now represents the most complicated and stressful activity.

The overly busy lifestyle of single mothers challenges their ability to make the perfect work-life balance and multitask on a whole new level. Therefore, entering the dating scene as a single mother with kids isn’t easy at all.

Even though that’s true, everyone deserves to have a special someone by their side, especially single mothers. However, their busy lifestyle doesn’t allow them to go out as much and meet new people. Fortunately, with single mothers dating websites, dating has never been more convenient.

Dating Sites for Single Mothers

Benefits of online dating for single moms

Once you dive into the world of online dating, you’ll learn about the numerous features and benefits this form of dating equips you with. When it comes to single mothers, online dating comes with several advantages over the traditional form of dating.

1. Designed for single moms

How many times have you gone out and met a lovely person? What’s more, everything seemed to go perfectly well until you mentioned you already have kids. Even though you keep your hopes up, you know deep inside that this person is simply not suitable for you.

So, stop wasting your time on singles who won’t accept your kids as their own. With a dating site for single moms, you can meet singles who are ready to date single parents and won’t have any problem with you having kids.

2. Easy to use

We understand that all single moms are under a lot of stress and lead hectic lives. You probably don’t have the time or patience to learn how to use a completely unfamiliar platform.

Luckily, website developers ensured their top dating sites for single moms are easy to use and navigate by simplifying the layout and creating a user-friendly interface. You’ll only need a couple of minutes to learn how these sites work, and you’ll be good to go!

3. Convenient dating

Furthermore, these dating sites aren’t only easy to use, but they’re also great examples of convenient dating. Considering every single mother’s daily tasks, activities, and obligations, the basic element of every online dating platform had to be convenience.

Whether you’re helping your kids with homework, preparing a meal, or doing laundry, you can always send a message or two to your special someone. That’s precisely why online dating became the favorite type of dating of all single parents.

4. No hurry

Traditional dating comes with tremendous pressure to take things to another level after a couple of dates. If you’re not ready to go all the way or simply want to get to know your potential partner better before meeting them in person, online dating is ideal for you. You can take things at your own pace since there’s no pressure to speed things up.

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Tips for online dating for single mothers

In addition to various advantages, there are several tips you can use to ensure your online dating experience is even better. These are just some of our recommendations members on single-parent dating sites should follow.

1. Mention kids

When using the best dating sites for single mothers, you don’t have to worry about how other users will react once they find out you have children. What’s more, you can mention your kids and even say something about them, such as name, age, and their hobbies, since interested members looking for single moms will surely be curious about them. 

2. Prioritize yourself

However, don’t make your online dating profile a profile about your kids. Remember, you made a profile to meet like-minded people, so you should always prioritize yourself in this situation. People will be willing to learn more about you and get to know you better only if you say something about yourself and not only about your kids.

3. Create a detailed profile

Moreover, a detailed profile is the key to having more success on a dating website for single mothers. Feel free to create a detailed profile that’ll say more about your personality, hobbies, interests, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Add several pictures so other members can see what you look like. The more in-depth your profile is, the higher the chances of you meeting the right one.

4. Communicate with others

Staying away from chatting and creating connections won’t lead you anywhere. That’s why you should break the ice as soon as possible and start communicating with other members. Don’t be afraid of making new friendships online, as they can lead to so much more.

5. Stay safe

Although these platforms were built for relationship-minded parents looking for a second chance at love, there’s always a possibility that someone’s trying to take advantage of uninformed people. To ensure you’re safe at all times while dating online, avoid sharing personal information such as a home address and banking details.

Single Mom Chatting On Dating Sites


In sum, online dating platforms specially created for single mothers are an excellent way for single parents to meet and connect. With the help of these platforms, you can become a part of helpful and supportive communities filled with open-minded and friendly parents. These sites also allow you to meet someone special and maybe even build a life together.


1. Which websites are good for single mothers?

The internet is filled with high-quality websites for single parents. Nevertheless, eHarmony, Elite Singles, and Match are some of our all-time favorites.

2. Can I meet local single parents online?

By using search filters, you can limit your search results based on various criteria. If you want to meet someone local, choose a location search filter to narrow down the results shown.

3. How to find a compatible match online?

With the assistance of cutting-edge technology and AI, sites can recognize your partner preferences to find you the most compatible matches you’ll surely get along with well.

4. When is the right time to meet in real life?

After you become certain that your potential partner has genuine intentions and you enjoy chatting with them, maybe it’s the perfect time to meet in real life.