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Dating platforms and apps are the best places to find a partner if you have any strict requirements. Especially if you’re searching for a partner that will understand your needs and respect your principles. Online dating for Muslim women is not that easy.

Not every man is a religious Muslim who’s worth your love. On top of that, not all dating sites are good for Muslim communities. That’s why we decided to list you some advice on finding a respectable and valid dating site. 

If you want to find the love of your life, husband, or just a friend to talk about your day, we will also try to give you some tips on how to do it. Let’s get down to it.

Best Dating Sites for Muslim Women

Muslim women dating advice

Apart from Muslim dating principles and Muslim dating boundaries, there is no strict dating rule that a Muslim woman should follow. The tips for online dating are practically the same for all people. However, if you’re struggling to find a like-minded partner and you don’t know where to start, here’s some advice that’ll surely help you. 

Don’t pretend and simply be yourself!

The first rule of dating is to be yourself. You always need to be clear and open, no matter how much you think people only want to hear fun and interesting things. Don’t pretend that you’re someone you’re not. Most online dating sites for Muslim single women are full of people looking for the same thing as you. 

You only need to be clear about your intentions and be honest with your potential partner. Do not hesitate to highlight what your principles are and say what you expect from your partner.

Create an interesting profile!

The most important rule for Muslim women online dating is to have an interesting dating profile. You can illustrate your positive qualities without making them seem rude and compromising. Describe yourself in a couple of interesting sentences and put a decent picture that will show your potential match that you are a serious woman looking for a serious relationship.

Communication is important for online dating!

Be communicative and open for conversations and chatting. You’re allowed to talk with different people and decide who is worthy of your attention. Just respect the secrets of Muslim dating and don’t reveal everything about yourself. An air of mystery is always good for a relationship.

loving muslim couple

Tips on how to find respectable Muslim dating sites for women

Look for trustworthy dating sites!

Not all dating sites are respectable and trustworthy. You need to pay attention to every detail before you decide to create a profile on some dating platforms or local Muslim dating sites. Since we live in a digital age, you can always check if the dating site is trustworthy and read reviews before getting disappointed. 

There are many dating sites and applications that are not valid and are full of scammers. Do your best to research which dating platforms have credibility.

Check if the dating site has a Muslim community!

There are people on the dating platforms that only want to meet Muslim women because they’re are curious about your religion and culture. If you don’t want to waste your time on different dating sites, look only for specially created Muslim dating platforms. 

You can meet people with similar interests only on dating platforms with the Muslim community. You surely aren’t interested in casual or short-term dating, so don’t waste your opportunity on different dating sites. Chose ones that have a wide Muslim community, and you will surely find a serious lifetime partner. 

Best online dating sites for Muslim women

Here are 6 top Muslim women dating sites you can check out and find a suitable platform that meets your needs and requirements. 

1. MuslimMarriage Solution

Muslim Marriage Solution review

MuslimMarriage Solution is a dating platform for all single Muslims looking for serious partners. This dating platform was specially designed for people looking for like-minded matches that can meet their criteria. 

If you’re looking to find a decent partner or a potential husband, MuslimMarriage Solution is a good place to start. 

2. Islamic Marriage

Islamic Marriage review

Islamic Marriage is one of the most popular dating sites for Muslim singles looking to find a possible wife or husband. This platform gets about a thousand new members a day and is considered one of the fastest-growing dating platforms of this type.

3. Best Muslim

If you’re a single Muslim woman interested in marriage, you need to check out Best Muslim and start your search for a husband. The great thing about this dating platform is the possibility of searching for Muslim singles worldwide. 

You can also find a local Muslim date because there’s an option to search for matches by country. 

4. Salaam Love

Salaam Love review

If you’re looking for a dating platform that can guarantee you privacy and safety while you’re looking for a potential date or husband, check out Salaam Love. It’s one of the most popular dating platforms where you can meet compatible and like-minded people. 

The best feature that this platform has are video profiles that will surely make your search easier.

5. Single Muslim

Single Muslim review

Single Muslim is one of these dating platforms with a very in-depth questionnaire and detailed registration process. Thanks to that, this dating platform has probably the best results in perfect matching. If you have more demanding requirements, Single Muslim is the right place to look for a partner.

6. Muslim Friends

Muslim Friends review

Muslim Friends is a dating site full of single people looking for potential marriage partners. Besides, this dating platform is a credible and respectable community that provides a safe environment, and you can also find some good tips for online dating and Muslim blogs.


Finding a partner who will respect your religious and cultural values can be challenging. Luckily, there are dating sites where you can meet like-minded people who will meet your requirements. There is a good chance you will find a partner worthy of your time and perhaps a potential husband.


1. Are there any online dating sites for Muslims?

Of course, there are. There are a lot of dating sites Muslims can use to find people from their communities. Some of the most popular sites are Single Muslim, Best Muslim, and Muslim Marriage Solution. 

2. Is it hard to register on online dating sites for Muslims?

Mostly not, but it all depends on the policy of the dating site you choose. Some of the sites have in-depth registrations, but certainly, none of that is overly demanding. It can help you find the perfect match for you.

3. Should I contact men first?

Generally no. Muslim men don’t like women that make the first move. They may think you’re immoral and unworthy of their attention.

4. Can I find a husband online?

Absolutely yes. If you find a partner who suits you by all standards, you can always introduce him to your family and start a more serious relationship that’ll lead to marriage. After all, most Muslim dating sites are full of men looking for the same as you – a serious woman for marriage and family.