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If you’re an Asian woman and are looking for someone online to have fun, you’ll be delighted to find out that the internet is full of dating websites and apps that are waiting for you. 

It seems that Asian women make up the smallest population of the digital dating scene, most likely due to the strict Asian dating boundaries and Asian dating principles. They’re very sought after as a potential partner – so the moment you log on to your favorite website or dating app – you’re golden. 

In this article, we’ll talk a little about dating as an Asian woman on the internet, what you can expect from it, how you can get into it, and where you can find the best dating websites to meet Asian women and to meet potential bachelors out there.

Best Dating Sites for Asian Women

Asian Women and Internet Dating 

The world of online dating has been popular ever since we first started browsing the internet. As the internet itself matured, so too have the websites on it, and the online dating scene has spread up into segments favoring different kinks, ethnicities, and even preferences.

There are websites for all kinds of things, and while the first things that pop into mind when you think about online dating are probably going to be websites such as AshleyMadision, Tinder, and Bumble – there are many, many more. 

There are websites centered around dating Asians and many of those users want to know secrets of dating asian women. These websites are for Asian girls dating other Asian individuals or even non-Asians for a relationship – whatever relationship that might be.

Now, as Asia is the most populated continent globally, you’ll be surprised that the rabbit hole goes even deeper than that with Chinese dating sites, Japanese dating sites, Indian dating sites, Thai dating sites, and many, many more. 

The Six Best Online Dating Sites for Asian Women

Speaking of Asian-specific dating websites, we’ve selected our top six favorites based upon a pretty simple ranking system. We’ve considered the quality of the website, the people on it, and the likelihood of finding yourself a match. 

As a woman, we have to give you a word of caution before we get into the websites themselves. No matter how popular, prominent, or renowned a dating website is – there will always be a creep or two lurking behind the curtains – so keep yourself safe and watch out for the red flags. 

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AsianMatchMate is a neat website that will let you find a date in no time at all. It’s slick, has an exemplary user interface, and has a good reputation among the global Asian community. While most of its members are in the US, it has quite a lot of them around Europe.  


AsianDating is another popular Asian dating website with over 4.5 million members around the globe, making it one of the most populated Asian dating websites around. It comes with a clean UI and a fast registration process, allowing you to get in on the action as soon as possible. 

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AsianDate is one of the standard niche dating websites, just adapted to Asian singles. It’s pretty clean, has a decent population, communicates fairly easily, and the registration is straightforward. While it’s not as populated as the previous two, the quality of members on this one is pretty high. 

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DateInAsia is the first Asian dating website that is centered around Asia, the continent! It has many members from the Asian region of the world and more singles than you can ever hope to meet. It has a strict, no-nonsense policy, meaning it’s easy to get into, well-populated, and ideal for the younger demographic. 

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TrulyAsian is one of the very few local Asian dating sites that don’t lie on their website. They don’t have a trillion members – they have 400,000 – which is more than enough considering they mostly operate in the US and Southeast Asia. This website has all the features you can want, from DM’s to video chatting. 

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AsianFeels is a matchmaking service for Asians that want to connect with non-Asians for an intercultural and interracial relationship. It’s pretty easy to get into, and it glows for when it comes to things such as user security and information protection. 

In Conclusion

Asian dating is one of the most interesting types of dating available on the world wide web. The Asian dating world is continually growing, and so are the websites behind it, and chances are you’ll find a date as soon as you get your foot in the door. 


1. What Is the Best Online Dating for Asian Women?

The best online dating website for Asian women is the one that fits your needs best. If you’re looking for a specific type of person, you might want to look at a niche website. Other than that, there are Asian-specific dating websites that you can explore and find yourself a bachelor or bachelorette on.

2. Are Asian Women Online Dating a Reality? 

Absolutely! Millions of Asian women and men alike are seeking partnerships on the internet. Classic dating websites such as Tinder, Bumble, and Baddoo are full of Asian individuals looking to mingle. 

3. What Are Some Good Asian Women Dating Advice?

A great piece of advice for online dating as an Asian woman and secrets of dating asian women is to keep an eye out for creeps. No matter how good the website you found is, there will always be the odd creep looking to either scam you or worse – red flags are usually a tell-tale of a creep. 

4. Can I Find True Love on Asian Dating Sites for Women?

That depends on where you look. Some dating websites are meant for love, others are for hookups, and some are broader in their application. With that being said, you can most definitely find love on the internet as an Asian woman. 

5. How Do I Protect Myself on Online Dating Sites for Asian Single Women?

Looking out for red flags is one thing, but doing things such as video chatting with the person before you meet them is a great modus operandi. Another good thing is always meeting the person in a public place and never going back somewhere more private on the first date.