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Even besides the whole Covid19 situation, dating can be tricky for some of us, as finding a partner to share magical moments can lead us to a dead end. Dating an American woman has its moments, and dating sites for American single women can help us meet someone special to share those moments of joy.

Top American dating sites for singles women and American dating apps helped many find their happiness, both for marriage or quick hook-ups. Those choosing American women dating sites for marriage had their share of luck finding true love on such websites. 

Even though American singles women dating sites can help you with native American women dating, not all sites and apps can do it efficiently. To help you search for the man or woman of your dreams, we made a list of American women dating sites with the best ratings and match probability. 

Here are our thoughts on the best American dating sites for single women and how native American women dating websites serve their purpose in modern times.

  • Great numbers of active users on different sites
  • Updated matchmakers with a high probability of matching with someone
  • Working mobile apps
  • Best American dating sites for singles women
  • Easy-to-use interfaces
  • Fake profiles
  • All features are available only with a paid subscription

1. dating site review is one of the most famous names in the American dating culture, and hardly anyone hasn’t seen its advertisement here or there. With over 4 million users, most of them living in the US, helped many find their true love. offers a mobile app version of their site where you can browse through their vast member base even when on the go. Their match success rate is rather high, and you can expect to match with someone in record time. 

However, if you’re trying to meet American women for casual hook-ups, you might have more luck elsewhere because suits better for those looking for something more serious than that.

2. Hinge

Hinge is one of the local American dating sites, and even without having a large member base, it shows signs of good matchmaking for all singles.

The best part of Hinge is that you can use most of its features free of charge. Before you take out your credit card, you can familiarize yourself with the site and what it can offer to you. 

If you hate sitting down on your computer to browse the site, you can download a mobile app to your device and get a simplified dating site version to meet American women. 

Here you can learn all the secrets of American dating and how dating an American woman has its advantages.

3. OkCupid

OkCupid has been around with us since 2004, and ever since then has helped many to match with someone they can share their lives or exciting moments with. 

You will find many different American ladies that eagerly await for someone like you to bring a dose of excitement to their lives on this site. OkCupid uses a sophisticated matchmaker that will connect you with people of similar personal characteristics, which could lead to something quite special.

With over 50 million users worldwide, of which 10 million are from the US, OkCupid is one of the biggest sites on the market. If you’re looking for a true American woman to spring joy into your life, this site should be on top of your priorities.

4. eHarmony

Here’s another site with a vast member base where you can find truly interesting American singles for both marriage or an adventure. 

With around 30 million users, eHarmony serves all Americans to find their happiness online. They promote their services as best fitted for those looking for true love. The site uses a well-designed matchmaker to connect you to someone you might find interesting and approachable.

With a working app for both Android and iOS users, eHarmony can help you find that perfect single woman you’re searching for online.

Even though you can use most of the site’s features free of charge, we recommend upgrading to a premium version to gain more chances to match with a woman of your dreams. 

5. Bumble

Bumble is a mobile dating app that connects you with others while you’re on the go. It uses a simplified user interface to make your browsing and matching much easier and faster. 

Compared to other competitive apps, Bumble lets the women in charge choose their matches. If you feel you got what it takes to impress someone using this app, you can download it to your mobile device and start browsing today.

We recommend this app for all the beginners out there not familiar with American dating rules, as it will suit best for learning the game of dating.


In recent years, online dating platforms gained a lot of popularity, and their member base continues to see an increase in new members from all parts of the world.

Here you have the list of the best sites and apps on the market where you can find a woman of your dreams and tips for dating American single women.

Enjoy your search, and we wish you good luck matching someone special.


1. Why is dating American women so difficult?

Many believe that dating an American woman is difficult because of their high expectations. Even though this claim has elements of truth, it all comes down to finding someone that won’t ask for too much. You might spend time looking, but you’ll have luck in the end.

2. What do you need to know about dating American women?

Dating American women have its advantages, and you will find out very fast how such an adventure can turn your life around. Be ready to learn more about the behavior of true American ladies, and you will have a lot of fun.

3. Why are American women so picky when dating a man?

American women want only the best out of a man, and their standards are quite high. They’re ready to commit themselves to a man that has everything figured out already and with their financial status in order.

4. What is the site for dating American women?

Sites for dating American women are the best platforms for meeting native American ladies to start something serious or to have quick hook-ups. You can have a lot of luck meeting someone special on these sites.