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We have proudly contributed over $300,000 to local charities!!!!

We are a group of local women who are interested in supporting our local community in Des Moines IA. We come from all walks of life and different financial backgrounds. As individuals we felt that it was difficult to make a very large impact, but as a group we have the ability to contribute to the growth of our community in ways that we never before thought possible.

Our latest winner: Dorothy's House! We had an amazing evening on Feb 7th - we were joined by Men on a Mission and heard 4 wonderful presentations. Dorothy's House is our winner. (Dorothy's House is a safe place in Des Moines for trafficking survivors to help them physically, spiritually, and emotionally)

All future meetings begin at 5:30 pm - mark your calendars:
May 10 2017
August 10 2017
November 8 2017

Our latest meetings and winning presentations: 

Hospice of Central IA, Kavanaugh House is our latest choice for donations.

Shoes that Fit: Helping kids by providing new shoes and other necessities.

Levi Knock Pay it Forward Foundation: This foundation provides scholarships for children and young teens in the science and arts.

After School Arts Program (ASAP): Offers Quality after-school enrichment programming in visual, musical/performing, literary, dramatic, culinary and other applied arts for select 1st though 8th graders attending Des Moines Public Schools.

St Mary Family Center: Distributes 8,500 food boxes each month to families in need. About 500 people a day visit the center for perishable food items, clothing and infant items.

Dorothy's House: a safe place in Des Moines for trafficking survivors to be restored physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  

Young Women's Resource Center: The Young Women's Resource Center works with girls and women ages 10-21 to provide support and education. They work with middle schools, high schools and young mothers to help girls gain confidence in who they are and make informed decisions to prevent risky behavior in the future.

Red Door Campaign: On Feb. 4th, our winning presentation was the Red Door Campaign. Located in Des Moines, this location hosts over 20 social programs a day.

FOCUS: On Nov 6th, our winning presentation was Focus, a DMPS treatment program for students grade three through grade eight. Focus is a day program providing a highly structured therapeutic/school setting for students in a crisis or special needs situation.

Cornerstone Recovery: On August 6th, our winning presentation was Cornerstone Recovery. Cornerstone Recovery offers services to teens in overcoming substance abuse by involving family in finding solutions that are tailored for each youth. The residential program is located in Ankeny. Cornerstone Recovery provides a safe, highly structured, therapeutic environment where teens can address their mental health concerns and recover from their addictions.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters: On May 6th, our winning presentation was Big Brothers, Big Sisters, presented by Lauri Palmer. For more than 65 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa has provided children facing adversity with strong and enduring one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.

I Have a Dream Foundation: On February 6th, our winning presentation was the I Have Dream Foundation (working with local disadvantaged students to get them college-ready, both academically and by inspiring them to dream and set goals for their futures.)

Chrysalis Foundation: On November 6th, our winning presentation was The Chrysalis Foundation, an organization dedicated empowering women. This wonderful organization is working to increase resources and opportunities for girls and women in the greater Des Moines area.

New Horizons Adult Day Care: Our August 2013 winning presentation was presented with $11,125. New Horizons provides adult day services to for adults who are physically and/or cognitively challenged.

Amanda the Panda: Our May 2013 winning presentation was Amanda the Panda family Grief Center, which offers services for children and families struggling with death of a loved one in the state of Iowa.

Connection Cafe: Our February 2013 winning presentation was The Connection Café, a cafe that serves lunch five days a week to homeless and low income individuals and families of all ages in downtown Des Moines. In 2012, the Connection Café served over 30,000 meals with the average assistance of more than eight volunteers per day.

Iowa Legal Aid: Our $12,000 donation will help to cover the costs of the attorneys and staff at Iowa Legal Aid who serve victims of domestic abuse in and around Polk County. Studies show the single most important factor in effectively assisting a victim of domestic abuse is providing them with access to legal representation. Send your donation now.

Anawin Housing was chosen in August 2012. Anawin builds affordable housing in Polk County. $13,100 were donated in September.

Children & Family Urban Ministrieswas chosen in May 2012. This is a before & after school program that supports children in the Moulton and King-Irving school districts. $13,100 was donated at the beginning of June.

House of Mercy, House2Home: was chosen in Feb 2012, $14,100 donated.

This project will renovate a 4,000 square foot facility in the Capitol Park Neighborhood, which houses 4-6 resident families at a time. During their stay, women gain the skills they need to live independently, deal with addiction, overcome the effects of trauma and effectively parent their children. Presented by Stacy Cunning (also in photo).

Read about more charities here.

Our mission is to reach out and help our community by finding 100 or more women to each contribute $100 four times a year to give $40,000+ annually to local charities. All charities and organizations up for consideration must be in the Des Moines metro area. The idea is to keep it local and have an impact that WE can SEE in our communities! 

We were recently featured in the Des Moines Register. Read the article right here.